Clip Art on CD - Cardigan Welsh Corgi Clip Art Volume 3


Clip Art on CD - Cardigan Welsh Corgi Clip Art Volume 3


 Cardigan Welsh Corgi clipart volume 3 on CD.  Easy and fun to use.

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Cardigan Welsh Corgi Clip Art Volume #3

424 total image files for both print and internet use (41 .jpg, 41 .tif, + 342 .gif).

Each print image is available in .jpg format for lighter file size use, as well as .tif format for larger re-sizing needs.

Web sized images include button sets and dividers, as well as specifically adapted puppies, adults, playing, show dogs, obedience, agility, celtic dragons, holidays, and more.

Print images in full size include decorative frames, and additional Christmas clips.

  • Windows & Macintosh compatible.
  • Printable thumbnails pages for quick guide to images.
  • Print images in .jpg and .tif format.
  • Smaller web images in .gif format.
  • Full sized Images resize easily, retaining clarity.

Nothing new to learn, easy to use with existing programs, no need to install.  Use non commercially for web sites, business cards, note cards, t-shirts, newsletters, stationary, brochures, and more.

See the composite preview for some of the images included on this CD.

Clip Art Copyright

Purchase of clip art conveys one personal use license for images contained within the specific volume. Commercial use and/or distribution of the images, either in whole or in part, is prohibited.  Either the purchasing individual or their gift recipient is free to use the images on a web site or to decorate products for their personal use or as gifts for friends.  The images may be modified in a graphics program for personal use, but does not convey ownership of copyright to the individual for derived works.  The clip art may be used to decorate newsletters for clubs if purchased by the club, although use is not extended to subscribers.

The images may not be used as part of a commercial endeavor either to decorate images for resale or for mass production.  They may not be used by web designers to include on a client's web page.  They may not be converted to embroidery design or other medium for commercial use.  Mass production or distribution of the images in any way is prohibited, including free or paid distribution of the images.  Distribution includes posting on a public forum which may be interpreted as implied sharing, such as Facebook.

Commercial use licenses are available for single images on an individual basis by contacting me.  If you are marketing items with the image or images, you must have a commercial license to do so.