I'm glad that you are here!

A few things that you should know about me, the artist...

My basic philosophy is to treat each one of my customers as if they were my only customer.  Yes, it gets a bit crazy at times, but isn't that how you would like to be treated?  That is the main reason why I do not wholesale at this time, and do all of the art work, production, web site design and maintenance, secretarial duties, shipping, and customer service myself.  When someone commissions work or orders a product from Argostar, I'd like to know that they are getting the best that I can give and that each step along the way is being taken care of in a prompt and efficient manner.  If there are questions, I know the status and can help.  For that reason, Argostar is very small but very capable.

When Argostar began in 1990 most of the work was done at dog shows and there was a lot of traveling.  I traveled the country for several years and produced hand painted shirts to order, often working late into the night at shows in an effort to paint as many as possible, and that would dry, for next day delivery.  There were so many orders that most still had to be shipped.  It was hectic.  I was younger.  There was no internet commerce to speak of.  Things have changed but, I am happy to say, many of my customers have not changed.  Much of my business is from referrals.  That is a good indicator for any artist or business.

Over the years, I have bred dogs, handled professionally, and had the honor of becoming the artist with the greatest number of commissions for illustrated standard projects that support judges' education for AKC, UKC, and CKC parent breed clubs.  If there is a specialty within a specialty, it has become mine.  You can see more of that work at Illustratedstandard.com.  Fortunately, that is not all I do, so much of my work includes creating logos and custom art work for club, individual, and business entities, as well as some serious or fun illustrations that are available on a wide variety of products that you will see here.  There is no single style that I have, and it is interesting and challenging to expand into different areas.

You will find the body of my work prior to 2018 bearing the name Jeanne Flora.  With marriage, the name has now changed to Williamson.  The work continues under the new name.  After 21  years of sharing life and work, I married my partner Donald Williamson of Whereswillie.com.  Visit his web site to see what is available.

So, that is me, Jeanne.  I love dogs, horses, cats, nature, and every living thing that makes up Planet Earth.  I am proud and happy to be an artist, and I thank each and every one of you for making it possible!