The dog breed illustrations are produced exclusively by Argostar for the items specified within each breed.  Illustrations in this section which are currently available for licensing are indicated with the item.

Dog art included in this section is exclusive to and available only through Argostar.  Illustrations in both black & white and color are available and adapted for use on:

  • Clip Art
  • Magnets
  • Matted Prints
  • Note Cards
  • Sweatshirts
  • T-shirts
  • Window Decals

Not all items are available in each breed.  If you have a specific request for additional breeds or items, please contact me.

Sale, overstock, and clearance items are sometimes available.  They are normally items which are remaining stock from dog shows, returns, or discontinued items.  They can be found under the breed and are in new condition.

Watermarks which overlay images are used only for copyright and are not present on the actual item.

A little about the different styles available:

Pen & ink is one of the most adaptable and useful of the artistic mediums when working with dogs or horses. With the aid of computers, an illustration that takes many hours to draw can be used for application on a wide variety of products and can be sized accordingly without loss of the original clarity and detail.  A drawing in pen & ink reproduces crisp and clear, or can be adapted for a softer application.  The drawings can convey many feelings--the simple beauty of a regal stance or flowing movement, to the humorous depiction of those things that we enjoy the most about our companions.  I enjoy both ends of the spectrum.

Pencil or colored pencil adds another dimension to the drawing.  Both soft and realistic, pencil adds the luster of a canine or equine coat, or the depth of a gaze in the animal's eye.  Colored pencil, particularly, brings a drawing to life.

Computer colored line drawings begin with a pen & ink drawing which is created in a clear and simplified style.  Intense clean up is necessary to provide a clear canvas for color, which is then applied.  This is a style which allows unconventional effects or lends an air of humor and lightness to the design.