Privacy Policy

It's a promise worth keeping!

Do you know what I value?  Your privacy.  For that reason, Argostar will not share your information at any time with any individual, company, or organization.  I will not spam you, pester you with emails or phone calls, or allow anyone else to gather your information to do so.

Now that is a promise worth having!

Personally identifiable information that is collected with your order includes the name, address, and email used to process your order.  All payments are made through a secure processor, and your credit card information is not part of the information which I receive with your order.

If you email with a question, I will respond to your email but not retain your email address unless you request to be notified with information. Your email address is not shared with other individuals or organizations.

The blog section of this web site allows users to post or transmit comments. Argostar cannot be responsible for any personally identifiable information or other information that may be contained in such transmissions.  Comments in the blog section are moderated.  Outside links, spam, or suspect posts will not be permitted.