Watch a logo transformation


A detailed illustration takes on a new graphic style.  An extremely detailed logo can sometimes be converted to a second, more simplified version.  It then will adapt more easily to use for embroidery or other options.

This transformation is based upon the logo featured on the first page of the logo section as an animation of the process for a detailed logo.  This animation goes a step further and provides an overview showing the conversion of a very detailed drawing to a more graphic version, using flat colors.

Additional drafts to determine design set up

The client is always entitled to up to 12 drafts to establish the design.  These are included in the basic cost.  The first are presented in an effort to establish direction.  From there, the client may have other ideas or suggestions to modify a draft for a more perfect fit with their needs.  If so, additional drafts are available and priced in counts of 6.  Most logo firms supply the client with 2 to 3 options.

Award Certificates

The work below was a large project for the American Rottweiler Club.  The result was a certificate that could be awarded for achievement in many different areas of the breed.  The different versions of the certificate adapt for any award, present or future.  The certificate is selected by relevance to the award and completed by the club for the individual award and member.  Certificates may be used to represent achievements such as conformation, obedience, agility, tracking, carting, herding, junior handler, production awards, special recognition, good samaritan, or heroism.


Label or product branding design

Space is an important factor in logo design.  When a specific adaption is desired, the first consideration much be what space the logo will fill.  Will it be primarily horizontal, vertical, or must it fill a distinct spacial shape?

A client, for which I have done other projects, needed a distinctive label for wine bottles.   Although the additional personalized "cheers" text makes the design specific to the project, it could also be adapted for other uses with elimination of that text.  Rather than the conventional text label, this design makes the wine label uniquely their own.


Spot Color or a new adaptation of the original

The original USMRA logo was done in black and white pen & ink.  The addition of spot color to the flamingo emphasizes a part of the design which can often present a new "attitude" in the original.

The Medallion Rottweiler Club logo is another example of spot color or a new adaptation of the original.  The original logo, created for the club's 50th anniversary, began with a pen and ink drawing in black and white. Color was added to the pen & ink

A different version was created for a unique look with only accent, spot color appearing on the dog's medallion and lettering.  This enabled the club to use the specialty logo for a variety of adaptions, both in color and black and white.

Medallion Rottweiler Club later requested that the logo be adapted for use as the official club logo.



Assistance in colorizing outside work

The cute illustration of the Tibetan Spaniel was done by a club member in black and white.  The club wished to use it as a specialty logo and, with the artist's permission, was colorized, clarified, and digitized for use, still retaining the integrity of the artist's original work..