Put these magnets on your car going to Dog Shows, Agility Trials, Obedience Trials, etc., then remove when you want to.  When you aren't using them on your vehicle, display on your refrigerator, file cabinet, or other painted steel surface. Unlike sticker magnets, these magnets will not leave a residue on your car's finish.

Each magnet is made of 30 millimeter high-quality sign magnetic sheeting with an exterior grade UV tolerant vinyl overlay for long life.  Magnets pairs include one left facing and one right facing magnet.  Put one on each side of your car, or put the pair in the back of your vehicle facing each other!

Before ordering, please note:

  • This magnet will hold firmly on painted STEEL car surfaces.
  • Some vehicle panels are made of aluminum, plastic, or fiberglass. Magnets will not stick to these surfaces.
  • Magnet cannot be used over heavy vinyl finishes such as simulated wood grains, or flames, or other large graphic designs, and should be applied to FLAT or GENTLY CURVING surfaces only.
  • Please check suitability of magnetic adhesion BEFORE ordering. Test intended surface with another magnet. All magnets are tested before shipping and it is the buyers' responsibility to determine if magnets will adhere to desired surface.
  • Minor surface blemishes are normal in this material, but cannot be noticed from a normal viewing distance or a couple of feet away.
  • A magnet storage & care sheet will be included with each magnet order.
  • Shipping time on magnets is normally within 3 business days.
  • Complete Care & Use Instructions.

Vehicle magnets require a minimal amount of care to last many years.

Breed Silhouette Magnets - Available Colors


Due to slight variations in the way that monitors display colors, the colors shown are a basic guide to available colors.  All colors may not be available in all breeds.  The finish of the magnets resembles a satin finish.