In reaching a decision regarding your logo, it may be helpful to consider the following questions in selecting the artistic medium which will be best suited to your needs.

  • What will the primary use be?
  • Will you be using the logo for advertising?  If so, in color or black and white?
  • Will the logo be adapted for uses such as embroidery or glass etching?


The Angel Wing Newfoundlands logo is a combination of colored pencil and graphic design.  The dogs and wings were originally drawn in color pencil, then enhanced to a more graphic feel.  The top text was also manipulated to fit into the arc and curve of the wings.

Logo design combinations are available and entirely possible.  The important aspect of planning for your logo is to decide what type of mood or feeling should be conveyed.  Will it be fun or serious?  What are the most important functions that it will be required to fill?  Are you limited to something simple to accommodate supplier capabilities?

There is no limit on imagination!

Pen & Ink or Pencil Logos provide a great deal of detail and are the most frequently chosen.  Logos can be sharp using pen & ink or more subtle and blended using pencil.  Logos in either medium are delivered as a digital image, so resizing and clarity is accurate.  With this method of delivery, it is not necessary to make second and third generation copies of an original paper copy.


Pen & Ink logos

  • The pen & ink logo has sharper detail.
  • The pen & ink logo demonstrates detail even when re-sized as a smaller image.
  • The addition of color to a pen & ink logo can provide versatility and interest.
  • For home printing or reproduction use, pen & ink logos are easy to work with.

Pencil logos

  • Pencil illustration in logos conveys a softer, more blended appearance.
  • Pencil logos can also demonstrate a great deal of detail.
  • With careful planning a pencil logo can also be converted to color.
  • For home printing or reproduction use, pencil logos are easy to work with.

Colored Pencil logos


Logos in colored pencil portray the subject in a realistic and detailed presentation.  Because of the beauty of colored pencil and the various shadings, colored pencil logos are particularly effective for a logo which focuses on a single subject for illustration.

  • Digital delivery enables the logo to be used against any color of background without losing detail.
  • Colored pencil logos are also delivered with a grayscale version.
  • Colored pencil logos may also be converted to a more graphic style.

Graphic Style Logos

Logos completed in the graphic design style can be simple, colorful, and easy to reproduce.  If digitizing for embroidery is one of the prime objectives, this style is particularly well suited.  Easily resized, this type of logo reproduces cleanly and clearly.

Graphic logos can be color or black and white, simple or complex